Route 7B

7:05am Depart Depot across to Peregian Breeze, Old Emu Mountain Rd, then to Lake Weyba, Annie Dr, Lake Vista Dr bus turn around 7:20am, Annie Dr, to Peregian Springs Dr 7:30am (Dune Crt), Glen Abbey Dr 7:35am, Balgownie Dr, The Avenue, Lakeside Dr, Longwood Dr, Peregian Springs Dr, St Andrew’s College 7:45am, Ridgeview Dr, then to Coolum SHS 7:55, David Low Way, Orealla Dr, Dame Patti Dr, Ben Lexcen Dr, Sunshine Beach SHS 8:10am, Ben Lexcen Dr, St Thomas Mores, Bicentennial Dr, Sunshine Beach SS 8:15am. 

2:50pm  Depart Depot to Sunshine Beach SS 3:10pm, St Thomas More, Sunshine Beach SHS, Ben Lexen Dr, Dame Patti Dr, Orealla Cr,  David Low way to Coolum SHS. Then to Peregian Springs, Ridgeview Dr, The Avenue, Ridges Bvd, Peregian Springs Dr to St Andrew’s College 3:45pm, (swap pax from Coolum bus), Peregian Springs Dr, Balgownie Dr, Glen Abbey Dr, Peregian Springs Dr (Dune Crt), Murdering Ck Rd
​to Annie Dr, Lake Vista Dr to bus turn around. Return via Murdering Creek Rd, Old Emu Mountain Rd, to Peregian Breeze. 

AM - Lake Weyba & Peregian Springs to Coolum SHS & Sunshine Beach schools
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7:15 Old Emu Mountain Rd
7:20  Lake Vista Dr, Lake Weyba
7:28  Annie Dr, Lake Weyba
7:30  Dunes Crt
7:35  Glen Abbey Dr
7:40  The Avenue / Lakeside Dr
7:45  St Andrews
7:55  Coolum SHS
8:10  Sunshine Beach SHS
8:13  St Thomas More
8:15  Sunshine Beach SS        
PM - Sunshine Beach Schools & Coolum SHS to Peregian Springs & Lake Weyba
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3:10  Sunshine Beach SS
3:15  St Thomas More
3:20  Sunshine Beach SHS
3:30  Coolum SHS
3:35  The Avenue / Peregian Springs SS
3:40  St Andrew's Anglican College
3:45  Peregian Springs Dr
3:50  Glen Abbey Dr
3:52  Dunes Crt
3:55  Monak Rd / Murdering Creek Rd
4:00  Annie Dr, Lake Weyba
4:05  Lake Vista Dr, Lake Weyba
​4:12 Old Emu Mountain Rd
 * * All times are approximate and subject to change due to demand and traffic conditions.