Route 3

7.00am Depart depot, Yandina-Coolum Rd, Arcoona, Leichardt Rd if required, Auburn Crt, Arcoona Rd, Zgrajewski Rd, North Arm-Yandina Ck Rd, Valdora Rd, Yandina-Coolum Rd, Apps Rd, Yandina-Coolum Rd, Collins Rd, Ninderry Rd, Elouera Dr, Karnu Dr 7:40am - Elouera Dr, Ninderry Rd, Yandina SS, under rail overpass, Farrel St,  Yandina 7:53am - Old Bruce H’way to Nambour SS,  Nambour SHS. Then to Route 10 (AM service) to Yandina SS.  
8:05am Depart Nambour SHS via Nambour Connection Rd to Oleander Dr. Continue via Nambour Connection Rd to Yandina Caravan Park 8:17am (bus stop). Continue via Old Bruce Hwy, Old Gympie Rd, Cooloolabin Rd, Emerald Vista Pde to Headwaters Crt, Emerald Vista Dr, Cooloolabin Rd, Steggalls Rd, Ben Williams Rd, under rail overpass to Yandina SS 8:30am.

Nambour CC 3:10pm bus stop at school on McKenzie Rd, to St John’s 3:20pm, then Nambour SHS 3:30pm Depart Nambour SHS REAR GATE via Old Bruce Highway to Railway St, Yandina. Wait for connecting buses. 3.50pm depart Yandina Railway Station, via Flemming St, Coulson Rd, School Rd, (Yandina SS), Ninderry Rd, Fairhill Rd, Jensen Rd, Clarinda Rd, Jensen Rd, Fairhill Rd, Ninderry Rd, Elouera Dr, Karnu Dr, Elouera Dr, Ninderry Rd,  Waterfall Rd, Ninderry Rd, Collins Rd. Return to Depot.


AM - Valdora & Mt Ninderry Yandina SS, Nambour Schools
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7:04  Arcoona Rd
7:05  Zgrajewski Rd
7:07  McCords Rd/Zgrajewski Rd
7:17  Country Coolum Dr
7:23  Thomson Valley Rd/Valdora Rd
7:28  Ocean Vista Dr
7:30  Apps Rd
7:33  Opp Barcrest Rd
7:35  Collins Rd
7:42  Karnu Dr
7:45  Elouera Dr/Ninderry Rd
7:50  Yandina SS
7:53  Farrell St
7:57  Wharf St
7:59  Opp  Kulangoor service station
8:00  Oleander Dr
8:04  Nambour State College
PM - Nambour Schools to Yandina, Jensen Rd & Mt Ninderry
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3:10  Nambour CC 
3:20  St John’s College 
3:30  Nambour SHS 
3:35  Oleander Dr
3:37  Kulangoor Service Station
3:40  Wappa Falls Rd
3:45  Yandina Caravan Park
3:50  Yandina Rail Stn (Bus interchange) 
3:55  Cnr Ninderry/Fairhill Rd 
4:00  Jensen Rd/Clarinda Rd 
4:05  Karnu Dr
4:10  Waterfall Rd 
4:15  Collins Rd
AM: Students travelling on to St John’s, Nambour Christian College, Burnside SHS and St Joseph’s will need to change buses at Nambour SHS (Route 1 and 2).

* * All times are approximate and subject to change due to demand and traffic conditions.