Route 2

06:45 Depart Depot. Yandina-Coolum Rd to Banyandah St, Yandina 07:00am, Old Gympie Rd, Cooloobin Rd, Browns Creek Rd, Lees Rd 7:05am Bunya Rd, Gold Creek Rd 07:25am Gold Creek Rd, Bunya Rd, Yandina Creek Rd, North Arm Rd, Wegner Rd 7:35am North Arm SS 7:40am, Yandina Ck Rd, Fairhill Rd, Jensen Rd, Clarinda Rd, Jensen Rd, Fairhill Rd, Ninderry Rd, drop off Yandina SS, under Rail overpass to Ben Williams-Farrell St, Railway St, Yandina Rail Stn 7:53, Old Bruce Hway, Nambour SSNambour SHS. If required p/up from Wappa Falls & Valdora buses and then to, St Joseph’s and Nambour Christian College.

3.00pm depart St Joseph’s, Nambour Special School 3:05pm - Burnside SHS, Burnside SS 3:10pm (if required to Nambour CC bus stop at school on McKenzie Rd), then to Nambour SHS 3:25pm. Then to Railway St, Yandina. Wait for connecting buses. 3:50pm depart Yandina Railway Station, via Flemming St, Coulson Rd, School Rd, Ninderry Rd, Fairhill Rd, Jensen Rd, Clarinda Rd, Jensen Rd, Fairhill Rd, to North Arm SS, North Arm-Yandina Ck Rd, North Arm Rd to Wegener Rd 4:15pm North Arm Rd, North Arm-Yandina Ck Rd, Bunya Rd, Gold Ck Rd to King Creek Rd 4:40pm return via Gold Creek Rd, Bunya Rd, to Burtons Rd / Bunya Rd, Lees Rd, Browns Creek Rd. 


AM - Browns Creek, Gold Creek, North Arm to North Arm SS, Yandina SS, Nambour Schools 
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7:03  Old Gympie Rd
7:04  Browns Creek Rd
7:05  Lees Rd
7:10  Burtons Rd/Bunya Rd
7:18  King Creek Rd/Gold Creek Rd
7:25  Gold Creek Rd/Bunya Rd
7:30  Bunya Rd
7:32  Monak Rd
7:34  North Arm/Yandina Ck Rd
7:37  North Arm/Wegner Rd
7:40  North Arm SS
7:42  Old Coach Rd/Fairhill Rd
7:45  Jensen Rd/Clainda Rd
7:50  Yandina SS
7:53 Yandina Rail Stn
7:54  Wharf St
7:57  Opp  Kulangoor  service station
7:59  Oleander Dr
8:02  Nambour State College
8:10  St Joseph's
8:15  Nambour Christian College

PM - Nambour Schools to Yandina, North Arm, Gold Creek, Browns Creek

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​3:00  St Joseph's
3:05  Nambour Special School
3:07  Burnside SHS
3:10  Burnside SS
3:25  Nambour SHS
3:30  Oleander Dr
3:35  Kulangoor Service Station
3:40  Wappa Falls Rd
3:42  Yandina Caravan Park
3:50  Bus interchange at Yandina Rail Stn
3:55  Ninderry Rd
3:57  Fairhill Rd/Old Coach Rd
4:00  North Arm SS
4:10  North Arm Rd/Wegener Rd
4:15  North Arm-Yandina Creek Rd/Bunya Rd
4:20  Bunya Rd/Gold Creek Rd
4:25  Gold Creek Rd/King Creek Rd
4:35  Burtons Rd/Bunya Rd
4:40  Lees Rd/Browns Creek Rd
 * * All times are approximate and subject to change due to demand and traffic conditions.