Route 1

7:00am Depot > Wappa Falls Dam Rd (Turn around @ Wappa Falls Dam entrance), Creightons Rd, (Turn around @ bus shelter) Creightons Rd, Wappa Falls Rd, Nambour Connection Rd, Farrell St, School Rd to Yandina SS., Steggells Rd, Cooloolabin Rd, Old Gympie Rd,  Yandina Railway Station,Nambour Connection Rd to Nambour SC drop off on Coronation Dr. Then Coronation Dr to Carroll St Nambour SC, p/up pax from North Arm and Valdora buses, then to, St JosephsBurnside SHS, Burnside SS, St Johns.

3:00pm Depart Depot to Yandina SS. Then via School Rd, Coulson Rd, Flemming St, Nambour Connection Rd to Yandina Caravan Park (Wharf St bus stop), Nambour connection Rd to Nambour SC(Jnr). Then to Carroll St, Nambour SC. Depart via Carroll St, Mathew St, Coronation Av, Nambour Connection Rd with drop offs at Parklands, Kulangoor, Yandina as required to Yandina Railway Station. (wait for connecting Buses3:50pm depart Yandina Railway Station, via Flemming St, Coulson Rd, School Rd, Ninderry Rd, Fairhill Rd, Jensen Rd, Clarinda Rd, Jensen Rd, Fairhill Rd, to North Arm SS, North Arm-Yandina Ck Rd, North Arm Rd to Wegener Rd 4:15pm North Arm Rd, North Arm-Yandina Ck Rd, Bunya Rd, Gold Ck Rd to King Creek Rd 4:40pm return via Gold Creek Rd, Bunya Rd, to Burtons Rd / Bunya Rd, Lees Rd, Browns Creek Rd. 

AM - Wappa Falls / Nambour  to Yandina SS & Nambour schools

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7.20  Wappa Falls Dam entrance (turn around)
7:25  Wappa Falls Rd Observatory
7:35  Creightons Rd
7:37  Yandina Caravan Park
7:45  Yandina SS
7:47  Steggalls Rd
7:50  Cooloolabin Rd
7:54  Wharf St
7:55 Yandina Railway Station
7:57  Opp Kulangoor  service station
7:59  Oleander Dr
8:02  Nambour  State College
8:20  Burnside SHS
8:25  St Johns


PM - Nambour Schools & Yandina SS to
Parklands & Wappa Falls

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3:15  Yandina SS
3:20  Yandina Caravan Park (Wharf St)
3:25  Nambour SS
3:30  Nambour SHS
3:35  Boronia St
3:37  Oleander Dr
3:38 Nambour Caravan Park (Kulangoor)
3:40  Wappa Falls Rd
3:42 Yandina Caravan Park
3:43  Farrell St, Yandina
3:45  Bus interchange at Yandina Rail Stn
3:55  Ninderry Rd
3:57  Fairhill Rd/Old Coach Rd
4:00  North Arm SS
4:10  North Arm Rd/Wegener Rd
4:15  North Arm-Yandina Creek Rd/Bunya Rd
4:20  Bunya Rd/Gold Creek Rd
4:25  Gold Creek Rd/King Creek Rd
4:35  Burtons Rd/Bunya Rd
4:40  Lees Rd/Browns Creek Rd
* * All times are approximate and subject to change due to demand and traffic conditions.